Silver Chai Pendant Engraved Deep Lines

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1.18 x 1.02 inches

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Sterling Silver 925

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Chai silver pendant with deep engraved lines. The Chai figures prominently in Jewish traditions and culture. Meaning “life” or “living,” this modern 925 silver Chai pendant serves as a daily reminder to give thanks for the gift of life. Chai holds a special meaning in Judaism as it represents a celebration of life, which is central to Jewish tradition.
• Behind its minimalist design, this 925 silver Chai pendant finds its roots in an ancient Jewish form of numerology called gematria.
• As the two Hebrew letters that make up Chai (chet and yud) also has a numerical value of 18, the number has come to hold a special meaning for Jewish people. White gift box.

Established in 1983

Produced in Israel

Original Design

Hebrew inscriptions