Silver Stud Earrings, Eilat Stone and Marcasite, Elegant Jewelry


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Sterling Silver 925



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Dainty Eilat stone with Marcasite silver stud earrings. Elegant silver earrings featuring a perfectly oval Eilat stone adorning the top decorated with three Marcasite stones from the top. Handmade from 925 silver, this dainty pair of earrings features:
A perfectly oval, green blue Cabochon-cut Eilat stone with shades of deep teal
Elegantly swirled silver holding the Azurite in place decorated with three Marcasite stone from the top
This stylish pair of earrings has a special connection to the land of Israel with its bold round Eilat stone in shades of teal. Not only fashionable, these earrings’s native-to-Israel Eilat stone create a piece of jewelry with a special connection to the Holy Land. White gift box.

Established in 1983

Produced in Israel

Original Design

Hebrew inscriptions