Eilat Stone Earrings with Square Shaped Diamond Artwork in the Middle Made of Sterling Silver

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0.1 x 0.55 inches


Sterling Silver 925

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Eilat stone with square insert of diamond shaped artwork in the middle sterling silver earrings. Eilat stone brilliantly carved to resemble ethnic-style jewelry. This stylish pair of earrings has a special connection to the land of Israel with its Eilat stone in shades of teal. An elegant statement earrings with the national stone of Israel. Embedded with Eilat Stone, the combination of silver with the deep teal color of the stone adds depth and poise to the earrings. Not only fashionable, this earring’s native-to-Israel Eilat stone creates a piece of jewelry with a special connection to the Holy Land. White gift box.

Established in 1983

Produced in Israel

Original Design

Hebrew inscriptions