Messianic Two Tone Silver Pendant Menorah Star David Fish Jewelry Holy Land New

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Messianic Pendant two tone in 925 Sterling silver. The pendant offers a lovely silhouette with deep and meaningful symbols to the bearer. Three symbols of a menorah, Star of David, and fish. The pendant has been created with 2 unique variations of the triangle fused together to form the symbolic Star of David. The Star of David has been made doubly powerful in this exquisite silver pendant which is also curved to form the symbolic holy dome. The Star comprises a one triangle on which sits an another triangle fill with diamonds shaped artwork. Gold plated Classic Menorah shape with silver candels modeled after the giant Menorah from the Holy Temple. Seeped with meaning, these insignias are a treasure to anyone who understands the symbolism of the carved design. White gift box

Established in 1983

Produced in Israel

Original Design

Hebrew inscriptions