Prestly Blessing Bead Charm Mezuzah Cylindrical Engraved 925 Sterling Silver New

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Prestly Blessing Mezuzah 925 Sterling silver bead Charm. A minimalistic design, this trendy bead charm is in the shape of a cylindrical Mezuzah comprising 3 silver rings engraved with the Priestly Blessing in Hebrew script. Engraved around the bead are the famous words from Song of Songs: ??? ????? ????? ??
I am my beloved’s and my beloved is mine
??? ????? ?’ ??????? ?’ ???
Hear O Israel, the Lord our God is One
????? ?? ??????
God bless you and protect you
This charm fits standard snake-chain charm bracelets. White gift box

Established in 1983

Produced in Israel

Original Design

Hebrew inscriptions