charm pendant made of 925 sterling silver and enamel in the form of a replica of juglet

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Replica of juglet hanging charm crafted from 925 sterling silver& Enamel This item is Authorized and commissioned by the Israel Antiquities Authority. Explanation about the article by the IAA:”A juglet, the original artifact was found in Jerusalem and is dated to the 1st CE. The bottle was used for perfume. The perfume bottles usualle had a long narrow neck, to reduce evaporation, and a broad rim, to facilitate pouring. The perfume flask could be stoppered with a piece of cloth, parchment or papyrus. A variety pf perfumes are known from ancient times, the most well-known among them: Balsam (Bosem), Myrrh and Frankincense”.

Established in 1983

Produced in Israel

Original Design

Hebrew inscriptions