Sterling Silver David’s Star with Eilat Azurite Stones Round Pendant Jewelry from Holy Land

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Round pendant made of silver with Eilat stone Star of David outline laid over the Azurite. An amazing silver Azurite Star of David pendant. This fantastic pendant is wonderfully designed with the arched star of David sitting royaly atop a rounded dazzling shred of Azurite, set in a wide round silver base. The Azurite stone is an ancient artifact over 2,000 years old. It is found mainly in the Judean desert. The Star of David has been in use a that time as well, with evidence placing the symbol on shields of the warriors of the Bar Kokhbah rebellion.
The combination of the two is truly remarkable, bringing to life ancient times, and making this Star of David pendant truly spectacular. White gift box.

Established in 1983

Produced in Israel

Original Design

Hebrew inscriptions