Russian Orthodox St Nicholas Double Sided 925 Silver Christian Icon Holy Land

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• Russian 925 Sterling Silver Orthodox Christian Icon St Nicholas the Wonderworker charm bead Double-Sided with pray in Old Slavonic: O, Lord Save me Keep me Safe Made in the Holy Land
• Exquisite attention to every detail
• Designed by Marina Meiri; made in the Holy Land
• Relief the face of St Nicholas the Wonderworker
• Sent to you direct from the Holy Land
• Packed in an exclusive brand gift box
Each item that would be selling we are going to put the Note in the Western Wall with your pray.
Please send me a message with your request, write the content of your note and we’ll make sure it is placed between the holy stones.
Your privacy is meticulously kept at all times.

Established in 1983

Produced in Israel

Original Design

Hebrew inscriptions